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The second stage of MUST HAVE for healthy mature dreads. We have all heard DO NOT CONDITION!!!! But have you heard you must hydrate your dreads?? Our specially formulated spritz nurturing your locs with ALL natural ingredients in a blue 100ml plastic spritz bottle (with none of the nasty plastic stuff in it). We have four blends, with home grown and extracted Aloe Vera with carefully selected Pure Essential Oils blends that hydrate your locs and scalp preventing dryness and breakage from time and the elements. Acting as an antibacterial agent and deodoriser.

Also very popular for children’s hair as a light natural leave in hydrator…. And Mum’s too!


Revitalise (Rosemary-Bergamot-French Lavender-Thyme) A cleansing herbal remedy scent

Healer (Patchouli-Roman Chamomile-Bergamot) A very light, natural clarity

Balance (Rose Geranium-Tea Tree-Peppermint) BEST SELLER beautiful blend that clears the mind

T-X Project (Vetiver-Cedarwood-Ylang Ylang) A fav with the guys, very earthy, imagine lifting a log in a rainforest! with lots of aphrodisiacs in here!!

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Balance, Revitalise, T-X Project, Healer


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