Dread Bands

Dread Bands and Socks

Dread Band

Dread Bands

Two options: Dread Bands and Double Dread Bands

Dread Band: 100% Nepal Cotton. Regular sized head band (approx 8 cm wide) that is both comfortable and light.

Double Dread Band: A long rolled 100% Nepal Cotton band. Can be doubled around the head and used as a head band or to tie dreads back or up in a bun. Very versatile and reasonably light weight for the length.

Dread Sock

Dread Socks

This Dread Sock is a Dreadheads multi tool! Perfect for sleeping, camping, cleaning and more. Whatever you are doing, this sock keeps all of your dreads covered and reasonably organised! Protecting against collecting nasties from the environment and tangling… even for the most active sleeper! 100% Nepal Cotton, light and comfortable.

HINT- tie a knot on one end, turn inside out and this is a perfect sized slouch beanie!! Adjust knot as needed to your dreads.