Doll’d up Loc’d up getting online

Hi everyone! If you have found our web page then yay!! You may notice the lack of products loaded on and possibly a few… ummmm… errors in displays or links. So let me explain why! I am Samira, one of the partners at Doll’d up Loc’d up. I am not a techie hahaha but I do like a challenge. So between running the business with Beth, seeing clients, normal home, and complete avoidance, I am trying to get this page up and running. We have been open about 6mths now, and boy do we have some massive dreams! We are nearly exploding at the seams to share and incorporate the new products we are sourcing and developing, more platforms to share stories and information and for you to tell us what you think.

I have given us a timeline which is January 2018! Woo! Happy New Year and Happy New Dread Site! (This is the plan) Stay tuned and thanks so much for your patience.


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