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What We Do

What a boring place it would be if we were all the same! We are always researching new techniques, different styles and natural, non toxic options for you to express your individuality. We provide alternative beauty styles and services for all to enjoy.
We Love Everything Dreads!

Dreadlock Your Hair

We LOVE Dreads! Be Unique Be Creative Be Inspired. Dreadlocks are an amazing way to explore your inner self. Expression, individuality, patience, spirituality, minimalism, naturalism the list is endless and all depends on you!

Dreadlock Maintenance

Dreadlocks maintenance available in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region. Available for pulling in those fly aways, regrowth, fixing free formed dreads, dread repairs and barrel maintenance. If you are due (or over due!) for a tidy up no matter how long it has been we can do this.

Dreadlock Extensions

Synthetic or real human hair extensions available to add longer, thicker, more volume or more colourful dreadlocks to express yourself. Options to either braid in as removable dreadlocks or added to your existing locs.

Other Dread Stuff

Proud stockists of Dread Empire products and SpiraLocks. Also stocking our very own branded Loc Spritz, hydro spritz, head Bands and Loc Sock. There is a huge range of dreadlock jewellery, beads and cuffs. Anything dreadlocks we have it! If we don't have it, we want it! So let us know!!!

Free Dreadlocking Consult

Available in the studio or via SKYPE! We go through all the options and really get a feel for what you are after. Then we are able to give you a minimum and maximum quote of how many dreads, cost and length of appointment needed. This appointment is needed for any clients seeking new dreads, extensions or colour matching.

Our Story

Doll'd Up Loc'd Up Story

It is truely something special when you can spend your days doing things you love with amazing people. That is what Doll'd up Loc'd up is. Beth and Samira have been friends for years and the start of the business happened something like this.... Beth "I can't find any place close by to get my dread maintenance done, besides getting you (Samira) to do it. I want to start a business. I'm sure that other deadheads have the same problem. What do you think?" Samira "Sounds like a good idea." At this stage Beth had produced a skeleton business plan! Now Samira had just left her job and found it hard with her bipolar and different look to find a job. So when Beth asked if she would like to be a part of it, Samira was in saying "Well I'm not doing anything else right now!". The girls worked hard for months with the massive job of turning this idea into something real. The girls really balance each other with their personalities and there abilities. You can see the passion and pride that goes into their work or even whilst speaking with them. After starting the business, they have decided to phase out the eyelash extensions and the prescription nails so they can focus on what they love. Creating the Dread Support group on Facebook and Blog shows the engagement the girls have to their job. Helping, guiding, sharing and loving everyones individual journey. x S & B

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Meet the crazy gals behind it all!

Meet Our Tribe

Meet Our Tribe

Enjoy collages of our clients' journeys, happy snaps of our work, selfies and fun.

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